Humvee Recon Mission Combo Set Watch,


Humvee Recon Mission Combo Set Watch,

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 Digital Recon Watch with water and shock resitant body, back glow, and chronograph, Tactical folding knife with glass-fiber all weather grip, and 3.5-Inch stainless steel blade, and 0.5 Watt ultra-bright pure white LED flashlight, set comes with water/shock resistant carry case

The HUMVEE HMV-RCN-RM1 Recon Kit is a rugged, easy to transport survival kit. The all black knife features a glass fiber, all weather grip and a 3.5-Inch semi serrated, stainless steel blade. The glass fiber, anti-slip handle offers a comfortable grip while the Linerlock secures your blade in an open position during use. Once done, you can unlock the blade with a one-finger release. The knife has an 8-Inch overall length. This tool was designed to handle the burdens of the wilderness. The compact and lightweight ultra-bright tactical LED flashlight has a black aluminum body and is molded with a non-slip handle. An optimized beam of white light can be activated with one hand once the rubber button is pushed at the base of the tactical flashlight. At only 4-Inches in length this _-watt LED tactical flashlight becomes even more portable with its detachable lanyard. This tool is powered by (1) AA battery. The Humvee Recon Watch has a shock resitant body, an electronic back glow and a scratch resistant face. All items in this set are branded with the HUMVEE logo. . HUMVEE has become the backbone of U.S. forces around the world.

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