Safety Shelters



Emergency Supply Company Inc. can provide you with added peace of mind. From our underground bunkers, hidden safe rooms & storm shelters. We have coverage for a multitude of sceniros. We custom build each shelter/room to fit your environment and space. Our professional build team has the knowledge and technology to complete your project on time and with great accuracy. We also provide a great number of accessories for your shelter such as, NBC Air filters, blast/ballastic doors, hidden safe rooms in everyday furniture. Most items are custom quoted, prices displayed on website are generalizations.

Underground Bunkers

  • Protects against multiple sceniros
  • Can also be used for long term inhabitants
  • Independent Living
  • Custom made for your requirements
  • Accessories & customization available

Storm Shelters

  • Underground
  • Short term inhabitance
  • Protects agains severe weather
  • Customization available

​Safe Rooms

  • Intermittent inhabitance
  • Protects valuables and family
  • Secured communication lines
  • Customization available